Autistic Photorealistic Pencil Artist


My name is Heidi Vormer and my artist name is Remrov, my last name spelled backwards. I've already made all kinds of artwork since I was little, but now I specialize in making photorealistic drawings of people, animals, trees and houses. I also enjoy making fantasy and cartoon drawings.

I have autism and due to this I see the whole world in tiny little details. My artwork tends to be this way too. Very precise and detailed.

I also make drawings for good causes. I donate 25% of the proceeds of my Koala Art to the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, Australia. And recently I started making elephant portraits. I donate 25% of the proceeds of this work to Chengeta Wildlife, an organization that fights against the poaching of wildlife in Africa.



Mr. Bear by Remrov


Westy by Remrov


Polar Bear Cub by Remrov


Wolf by Remrov


Snow Leopard by Remrov


Cape Buffalo by Remrov


Lovebird Pilaf by Remrov


Cecil The Lion by Remrov


Bald Eagle by Remrov


Giraffe Pencil Drawing by Remrov


Rhino Pencil Drawing by Remrov


Tiger Drawing by Remrov


Fluffy Lion by Remrov


Lion King by Remrov


Tree pen drawing 4 by Remrov


Elephant by Remrov


Violin Scroll by Remrov


Dangling Squirrel by Remrov


Dolphins Playing with Bubbles by Remrov


Koala Garage Girl by Remrov


Bunny Triangle by Remrov


Bunny portrait 1 by Remrov


Koala Newport Bridge Gloria by Remrov


Tree pen drawing 2 by Remrov


Bunny portrait 3 by Remrov


Bunny portrait 2 by Remrov


Koala Oxley Twinkles by Remrov


Koala Roto Princess by Remrov


Tree pen drawing 1 by Remrov


Tree pen drawing 3 by Remrov


Krummel by Remrov


Koala on Ball by Remrov


Koala with Snowman by Remrov


Koala in Chimney by Remrov


Happy Koalaween by Remrov


Autism Sensory Overload by Remrov


Dolphin in Space by Remrov